Monday, November 23, 2009

Sprout updates

So I may be delinquent in my blogging, but I have not been neglecting my cute little sprouts. I reviewed the leafy sprouts video by SproutPeople on YouTube and it looks like my sprouts are right on track. Here's the play by play:

Thursday night - after the soak and first rinse:

Friday morning after the 2nd rinse:

Friday evening, after the 3rd rinse:

Closeup of the sprouts Friday night. Look how cute the little sprouts are!

Saturday morning, after 4th rinse:
I may have missed the Saturday night rinse... too much fun at Bhangra dancing!

And Sunday morning, I may have still been recovering from said Bhangra dancing... They got the rinse, but no pic.

Sunday evening, they're starting to green!:

The fourth day is also prime de-hulling day. Apparently removing the hulls helps extend shelf-life and it makes them prettier. You can see how easily the brown hulls float to the surface with just a little stir with a fork.:

Post de-hulling. You can still see some hulls clinging around the sides of the container:

Tomorrow is harvest day! I hope they're yummy!!!
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bostezo said...

you're not going to eat then all by yourself, right? Do you need any help from friends?

Me said...

I can probably share. :-) Maybe I can trade for some herbs or lettuce?